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The MSA meat science course offers industry participants an opportunity to learn about the scientific factors affecting the eating quality of red meat, from production through to consumer with a focus on beef and sheepmeat.

The course provides participants from all sectors of the supply chain with knowledge about the scientific factors affecting the eating quality of red meat.

The course is delivered face to face over five-days and includes relevant lectures, practical activities, workshops and assessments. The course is delivered using effective training methods to ensure participants have a full undestanding of the scientific principles of  meat eating quality and how eating quality can be scientifically proven to be altered through good / poor processing practices. 

The MSA Meat Science Course is generally held twice a year in June and November (check training calendar for exact dates) and is a comprehensive course which explains the scientific factors affecting the eating quality of beef and sheepmeat all the way from production through to the consumer.

The five-day course is a requirement of licencing for MSA processors but is also suitable for producers, lot feeders, stock agents, traders, industry consultants and anyone wanting to gain a more thorough understanding of the factors which impact red meat eating quality.

The most recent course held in Brisbane was highly rated, with all participants agreeing it would be useful to their business and they would definitely recommend it to colleagues and other businesses.