Retail Spec Course

Date: 10 Apr 2023

With an increasing amount of product now being packed as retail cuts, AUS-MEAT have developed a specific course aimed at the value-add area of Meat Processing.

The course is titled:

Specify Retail Products using AUS-MEAT Language

This five (5) day face-to-face trainer led course is designed to give participants the skills and knowledge to be able to accurately apply the AUS-MEAT language and to adhere to all relevant standards and legislative requirements to pack retail (including value added) meat products for export.

This newly created course Client’s Company customer satisfaction by providing training and skills-based knowledge with Beef and Sheep Retail Ready products for the Export Market.

Course Content

Participants will be directly involved in demonstration and explanation of:

  • Beef Product descriptions
  • Sheep Product descriptions
  • Cutting lines
  • Portion cutting products
  • Pack types and packing requirements for export markets
  • Allergen labelling
  • Detecting and recording defects
  • Achieving maximum yields and returns
  • Specifications and verifications
  • Export documentation and traceability


  • Check a product against a specification
  • Knowledge or retail cuts for export
  • Improve yield
  • Understanding of country requirements including labelling and traceability
  • Pack types and the difference in shelf life and product quality
  • Describe product defects using the correct anatomical terms
  • Describe how defects affect productivity, yield and the end-use of product

Who should attend?

  • Persons wishing to gain more knowledge of retail specific products for the export market.
  • QA’s, Supervisors, Value Add employees