AUS-MEAT on behalf of the meat and livestock industry of Australia has operated a Nationally Registered Training Organisation (RTO - 7085) for over twenty years. Our training team works with stakeholders to develop, implement, and educate Industry participants to maintain the integrity of customer, industry and regulatory standards.

AUS-MEAT recognizes and understands the importance that training plays in underpinning Australia’s commitment to producing high quality meat products to supply both the domestic and global meat markets.

As an Industry body AUS-MEAT has extensive experience in training, auditing and the management of a range of Agricultural and Food production programs within Australia and New Zealand, focusing on food safety and product quality. The delivery of training services is supported by a well-structured business management system, an experienced team.

Since its formation in 1987 as a division of the Australian Meat and Livestock Corporation, AUS-MEAT has established a reputation of reliance and integrity in its ability to provide effective training and auditing solutions within the meat and livestock Industry, and across a broad range of agricultural sectors. In 1998 AUS-MEAT was incorporated as an industry owned not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee as part of the industry restructure.

At AUS-MEAT we believe everyone should have the opportunity to better themselves through education and training. Our courses are delivered with the person in mind and AUS-MEAT is committed to ensuring all students are given the opportunity to be successful in their chosen course.

All students have access to an online learning portal that provides learning resources and tools to assist students with achieving competency in their chosen course. The key to our strategy is to identify students learning needs and incorporating this in providing an effective learning plan tailored to each student.

AUS-MEAT are committed to all learners having access to programs irrespective of disability, gender, culture, linguistic background, race, location or socio-economic background.

Our vision is to be recognised by all stakeholders in the Australian agricultural and processing sectors as the leading provider delivering quality training solutions across the agricultural and food supply chains.

AUS-MEAT offers the following qualifications