Internal Auditor Course Released

Date: 01 Jul 2023

AUS-MEAT is please to announce the release of newly developed internal Auditor qualification. This course can be completed conveniently at your own pace and in your own location as it is fully online. The course is designed to give you the knowledge and know how to prepare you for conducting internal audits.

Our internal auditor course provides participants the opportunity to understand auditing processes and prepare them to be able to complete internal audits within their business.

On completion of the Internal Auditor Certification, participants are required to complete a minimum of two internal audits and demonstrate they are well equipped to undertake internal audits for their business.

The course is self-paced, interactive and has both knowledge and practical skill check exercises to complete.


Be able to identify relevant animal welfare regulations and standards Gain experience to conduct an internal animal welfare audit of a meat processing

Course Content

The course is designed to provide participants with knowledge of internal audit processes and covers the following topics:

  • The principles and procedures of auditing
  • Resource allocation
  • Terms used in Internal Auditing
  • Interpersonal skills and personal behaviours of an auditor
  • Auditor roles and responsibilities
  • Communication skills of an auditor
  • Audit types
  • How to conduct effective opening and closing meetings
  • The four phases of an Audit cycle
  • Reporting an Audit
  • The benefits of a risk-based audit programme
  • Corrective actions
  • How to plan an effective audit
  • Finalising and closing the Audit
  • Timetabling

Who should attend

  • Any person who might be involved with the monitoring of the industry animal welfare standards at a meat processing facility (internal auditing)
  • Any person Handling stock on a daily basis, stock yard, race men and knocking box workers.

How will you be assessed

A minimum of three different forms of assessment is required to demonstrate competency. As a minimum, these must include:

  • quiz of underpinning knowledge
  • workplace demonstration
  • workplace referee or third-party report of performance over time. This will be completed as both self-paced learning and then practical on the job training with one of our qualified trainers.

Issue of Certificates

At the successful completion of this course, you will be issued with a Certificate of Competency

What your course fees cover

Your courses fees paid cover the following items

  1. Course tuition
  2. Facility hire (as required)
  3. Workbooks and assessments
  4. Morning tea and lunch (If attending in person at AUS-MEAT premises)
  5. Issue of certificate