Implementing An NFAS Quality Management System

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In seeking accreditation for your feedlot, you have demonstrated your commitment to becoming part of a national scheme which is all about managing the needs of the feedlot industry’s various stakeholder groups.

The purpose of the NFAS is to provide a Quality System for beef feedlots:

  1. that will impact positively on product integrity, quality and acceptability; and
  2. for which lot feeders maintain responsibility.


To ensure the Australian beef feedlot industry demonstrates a responsive feedlot management program for continual improvement, particularly in relation to cattle welfare and the environment, whilst guaranteeing the safety and integrity of grain fed beef.

This course is designed to provide the participant with the requirements to be able to develop a quality assurance manual and practices required to be accredited under the NFAS program.

What we are all about

The National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS) was first initiated in 1994. The NFAS program underpins the integrity of the Australian lot feeding industry, being a sector for which the integrity of product, food safety, animal welfare and environmental responsibilities have, since inception, been recognised as being foundational to the long-term success of the program, lot feeders, the broader community and customers alike.

The sourcing of cattle from NFAS Accredited Feedlots is a prerequisite for beef processed in AUS-MEAT Accredited Processing Establishments being eligible to be traded and marketed in accordance with the Minimum Requirements for Grain Fed (GF), Grain Fed Young Beef (GFYG) or Grain Fed Finished (GFF) beef as defined within the Australian Meat Industry Classification System (AUS-MEAT Language).
All feedlots seeking to gain NFAS accreditation upon acceptance of the initial application are required to complete the NFAS Quality Management System Self Learning Course. This course will provide you with all the resources and information that you need to document a Quality Manual for your Feedlot.  

Course Content

The course content consists of the Module “Feedlot Quality System Management” and a Self-Learning Program Guide that the participant can work through at their own pace to complete the NFAS Self Learning Course and ultimately develop their own NFAS Quality Manual for the Feedlot. The NFAS Self Learning Course needs to be completed and the NFAS Quality Manual submitted for approval prior to the initial accreditation on site audit. On completion of this course participants can submit their NFAS QA manual for assessment.

It is a requirement of NFAS that all feedlots have one (1) or more Statement of Authority Holder on site.
The number of personnel on site holding a Statement of Authority can vary depending on the size of the feedlot. A person holding a Statement of Authority has the authority to complete and sign NFAS Delivery Documentation.

The Statement of Authority Holder must also have an awareness of the relevant LPA requirements.
The period of approval of a Statement of Authority holder is initially for two (2) years and then renewed there after every two (2) years. Participants are required to complete the Statement of Authority workbook and a twenty-question assessment and achieve a 100% pass mark.

What is the purpose?

The National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS) Self Learning Program is to assist you in the preparation of your feedlot Quality Assurance (QA) manual and to provide information to staff at the feedlot who will be signed off as QA Officers. The program has been designed to be used by individuals and groups familiar with the operation of feedlots.
When you have completed this module, you should have prepared a QA manual for your feedlot. 

Performance Standard

 To be approved, your feedlot QA manual must first meet the required standards of the NFAS.
A checklist indicating what your manual should include is provided at the end of this Self-Learning Module.  
This list enables you to check your manual before sending it to AUS-MEAT for approval. Use of this checklist will save you time and enable the feedlot accreditation process to continue without unnecessary delay.

The program provides participants seeking NFAS accreditation for your feedlot the resources required to complete your quality manual. By undertaking this course, you have demonstrated your commitment to becoming part of a national scheme which is all about managing the needs of the feedlot industry’s various stakeholder groups.

The National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS) is owned by AUS-MEAT Limited on behalf of the Australian Lot Feeding Industry.  AUS-MEAT administers the scheme through the Feedlot Industry Accreditation Committee (FLIAC).  This Committee has the following responsibilities:


  • manage the NFAS;
  • ensure the effective operation of the NFAS by recommending changes to it; 
  • assesses recommendations from AUS-MEAT on the accreditation status of individual feedlots; 
  • make recommendations to the AUS-MEAT Committee on the outcomes of appeals from Feedlots relevant to their Accreditation status; and
  • report to the wider community on the status of the Australian feedlot industry based on objective information generated from monitoring of the scheme.

The NFAS accreditation and audit system flows like this:

  1. Your feedlot applies for accreditation.
  2. You receive the NFAS Self Learning Program Kit.
  3. You prepare a Quality Assurance (QA) Manual.
  4. Implement procedures documented in QA Manual
  5. Submit your QA Manual to AUS-MEAT for Approval
  6. Your feedlot undergoes an initial Accreditation Audit
  7. Accreditation of your feedlot is recommended by the auditor and approved by AUS-MEAT and reviewed by the Feedlot Industry Accreditation Committee.
  8. You maintain your QA manual and keep the necessary records.
  9. Annual audits of your feedlot are conducted.